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Vera Nazarian

Vera Nazarian
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Vera Nazarian is a two-time Nebula Award Finalist, a Dragon Award 2018 Finalist author, award-winning artist, publisher of Norilana Books, musician, philosopher, and creator of wonder.

Don’t be shy!Β  Click around. Peek under the covers and around corners. Stare at the shadows and look directly into the light.

Home’s just the tip of the wonder iceberg.

Explore! Enjoy! :-)

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  1. Bill Bodden says:

    Congratulations on the new site! I look forward to reading your blog posts.

  2. Ken Gire says:

    Dear Vera,

    I quote you in an upcoming book of mine: “Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”

    Beautifully said.

    I couldn’t find a reference for it on the web. Could you tell me where you wrote that? And on what page.

    Thanks so much!


  3. Cheryl says:

    Hi Vera,

    I have loved the Cobweb bride and Cobweb Empire and have been waiting on tenterhooks for the third book. When will it be available to buy as I have been going through and it is still not listed.

    Hope you are having a great Christmas and best wishes for the new year!



    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks so much for asking, Cheryl! πŸ™‚ Glad you’re enjoying the Cobweb Bride books!

      The book (Cobweb Forest, book three) is delayed about a week as I am putting finishing touches on it, and it should be available by December 31st!

      If you want to be notified as soon as it’s out, you can subscribe to my new release notification list:

      Thanks again for dropping by! πŸ™‚


  4. Jere Mullen says:

    Finished Cobweb Bride and have started on number two, so glad I will be able to get three without waiting too long! I love your series. In fact I am reading them on my Kimdle, but, they are a keeper I will be buying them in hard back forms.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Jere,

      Thank you for your kind words and I am thrilled you are enjoying the Cobweb Bride books! The third volume is coming in just a few days! πŸ™‚

      Thanks so much for dropping by!


  5. Michael Lee Hoenig RPhT says:


    I had no idea how honored I was to have been befriended by you on Facebook!

    If you ever visit the Omaha Metro (Nebraska) I would *love* to meet you. (Not that I’m much of a conversationist…)

  6. Evelyne Irimies says:

    I’ve been awaiting the release of the 3rd Cobweb Bride Book and although the website says it’s available via B&N, it is not. When will it be available so that I may purchase it on my Nook?


    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks for asking, Evelyne, and so glad you are enjoying the books! πŸ™‚

      The third book, Cobweb Forest has been released on December 31, 2013, and is gradually propagating in the global distribution system and showing up in various online bookstores.

      It should be up on Barnes & Noble in a few days, depending on how fast they get it processed. (Could be any day now, keep checking, My guess is by next Friday!)

      In the meantime you can buy the Nook edition (EPUB format) from Smashwords here:

      Hope this helps! πŸ™‚


  7. Cheryl says:

    Hi Vera,

    Just finished The Cobweb Forest and it was amazing! I couldn’t put it down, started yesterday afternoon and was simply oblivious to the world around me. Absolutely loved it! I will definitely miss Percy and Beltain.

    Thank you so much πŸ™‚

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much fr the kind words, Cheryl! πŸ™‚

      I am so glad that you enjoyed the books, and believe me, I also miss Percy and Beltain and the others!

      The good news is, I think I will write a short bonus story about them in a few months… πŸ™‚

  8. I just finished Cobweb Bride. But this has begun my appreciation of your writing abilities! Holy Mackeral as my Grandfather used to say! I am a prolific reader, often digesting several books a month. When a top quality book fibds its way onto my plate, I surely know it. Cobweb Bride was a filet mignon among many burgers so thank you! I look forward to the next with overly eager anticipation. Literally like Chtistmas in July, no pun intended since it actually IS July!

  9. Robin Harsh says:

    I finished Cobweb Bride just a few moments ago and am still fizzing with the wonderful excitement of finding a really, really good storyteller. I’m thrilled to see how many other books you have for me to explore, especially the Cobweb sequels. And Austen! Oh, this is going to be fun!

  10. Arthur says:

    Hello vera.

    I love your quote about the nutcracker. May I cite you and this line: “The nutcracker sits under the holiday tree, a guardian of childhood stories. Feed him walnuts and he will crack open a tale…” for an upcoming self published book in my area? Thank you very much!

  11. Eswar says:

    Beautiful Quotes..
    My Website has your most famous
    quote about Books as it’s Mast.
    Thanks and regards,
    Eswar Velury

  12. Tricia Salese says:

    Hi Vera,
    I just discovered your Cobweb Bride series and I am hooked! I just ordered the 2nd e-book to read this upcoming weekend. I am an avid reader of everything, and I don’t normally write to authors, but the story really impressed me – your writing is Gorgeous!

    I can’t recall how I found the first book, but isn’t that how it’s supposed to be some times?
    Please keep writing and I promise to keep reading.

    Tricia Salese – Berkeley Heights, NJ

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Tricia,

      Thank you so much! What a pleasure to know you are enjoying the series! And thank you immensely for caring enough to let me know! πŸ™‚


      Vera (happy author!)

  13. vkut says:

    Hello vera.

    I love your quote:

    “Have you ever seen the dawn? Not a dawn groggy with lack of sleep or hectic with mindless obligations and you about to rush off on an early adventure or business, but full of deep silence and absolute clarity of perception? A dawning which you truly observe, degree by degree. It is the most amazing moment of birth. And more than anything it can spur you to action. Have a burning day.”

    Have a great Christmas and best wishes for the new year!


  14. Morgan says:

    I’m a teen and I really love your Atlantis Grail book! I don’t know what to do with my life now while I’m waiting on the last two and I’m so impatient when I really want something, hahaha! The ending killed me, though. My heart broke a little bit. It was so good!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Morgan,

      Wow, thank you! πŸ™‚ There are no better words to hear, and it warms my author heart! So glad that the Atlantis Grail has connected with you!

      I promise the next book is coming soon, and so many new and wonderful revelations, twists, and turns are ahead for all your favorite characters… So, stay tuned, hang in there, and, patience! πŸ™‚ Because to say anything else would be spoilers!

  15. Shreya says:

    You have the greatest magical power of words. I am reading QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail (Book One) and I am now beyond words.I just love it. You have the skills of one among a quadrillion of the best bestsellers. I am midnightsqueeen from wattpad and I am grateful to it for it is what has introduced you to me. I love to read books and that’s what I am doing most of the time on internet. Yours is the best I have found yet.I am a great fan of yours. I wish that you continue writing and typing such enchanting stories.I am impatient for the rest

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Shreya / midnightsqueen,

      You’ve just made my day! πŸ™‚ How absolutely wonderful to get your lovely note! I am so glad you are enjoying QUALIFY, and there are plenty more stories to read, if you want to try my other work.

      Start here, where everything is free:

      Enjoy! πŸ™‚ And thanks again so much for dropping by from Wattpad! You are always welcome here!

  16. zepure bakmazian says:

    an honor and privilege to meet an Armenian who is doing great work,, sorry I have not read any of your books because I did not know about you and it was through a meditation literature that I found a quote by you .. and being a true Armenian I started to investigate and here I am .. I would love to talk one day because you seem like someone I could be friends with ,, I love fantasy books because it takes me away from everyday reality .. I am so proud of you .. it is our 100th anniversary of the GENOCIDE I was wondering if you were going to do something to promote this to your followers to show everyone that we as ARMENIANS are unique and diverse in all fields,,, love to hear from you

  17. bella says:

    Hi Vera,
    I am reflecting on one of your quotes for an assignment:
    “whenever you read a good book somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light.”
    and I was just wondering what you meant by it because I think it means that when you read a good book it opens your mind to new ideas, possibilities and cultures.

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      That’s one way of looking at it, sure, Bella. However I meant it as a greater whole.

      The world, or all of us, is composed of a certain cumulative amount of common knowledge and enlightenment. The more each one of us reads and learns, the more we “improve” upon our greater cumulative store of awareness, wisdom, knowledge, and goodness — what I mean by light.

      Thanks for asking, and good luck! πŸ™‚

  18. Cheryl says:

    Hi Vera,

    I just finished reading Compete today and what an ending. It is going to be so hard to wait for the next one next year. Those two books have been so good, i went through them in a week; I could not put them down. Haven’t had a series do that since Cobweb; they just hook you in and will not let go.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Cheryl,

      I am honored that you enjoyed Compete so much! Thank you for the lovely comment! πŸ™‚

      Win, book three, will be here before you know it, and I do plan to give you guys a holiday preview of it on Wattpad in December! πŸ™‚


  19. Paul Anthony says:

    I’ve enjoyed Qualify and Compete. I look forward to the next two.
    I’m sure you wrote these books for a teen audience, so you may be surprised to learn I am a 68 year old male! Your writing is compelling. Not only have you created a complex plot (complete with multiple sub-plots) but you have also developed not one or two but a large cast of interesting characters.
    I am an author of lesser talent, but also a publisher/editor, so please take this critique in the spirit it is offered. Early in Compete, Gwen calls her family and Mom, Dad and George are seated on the couch. During the conversation, Gwen asks about George and Dad says he’ll be home soon. WHAT! He’s right there! You have my permission to slap your editor. LOL

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much, Paul! I really appreciate your wonderful comments and so glad you are enjoying the series, regardless of age!

      I do need to point out that I think you’ve misread the story — nowhere does it say that George is literally sitting on the couch or is even in the same room with his parents — because he is still on the road, on his way home. You may be thinking of the line “Because there’s Mom and Dad and George.” That part refers to Gwen simply thinking about them, grouping them together in her thoughts, in the sense of “there they are,” still in trouble back on Earth, not literally in the same room together.

      So, unless you can point out some other section where we might have have missed it (which I would appreciate), I believe the book is okay as it is — in this sense at least. πŸ™‚

      Thanks again for taking the time out to comment!



      • Joanna says:

        Something about this section also made me think at first George was right there. I finally decided he wasn’t (because of further info about his location). Just thought you might want to know if you ever were doing an edit on the book. I too am enjoying this series (f. Mid 40’s). Learned about it off of Ripley’s book list, best book they’ve recommended yet (write YA so I try to keep up on current readings in YA). Eagerly awaiting Win. Hoping mid-feb but understand the difficulties of life and deadlines :-). Thank you for writing books so enjoyable!

        • Vera Nazarian says:

          And thank you so much for the lovely comments! πŸ™‚

          So far none of my beta readers or anyone else had a problem seeing George was not in the room, since that whole section is mostly a “dream-state” interior monologue of Gwen’s, as she remembers that day in snatches (and even her tenses are mixed, to highlight it), but I will keep your observation in mind. πŸ™‚

          • Christina says:

            I have loved your two books and can’t wait for the next to come out! The section that was discussed is perfect the way it reads. I’m a 48 year young women who reads all the time she can and you have me hooked!!

          • Vera Nazarian says:

            Thank you so much! Really glad to hear you enjoyed! πŸ™‚


  20. Jonella Moore says:

    I just finished the second book of the Atlantis Grail and I loved it so much! When is the next book coming out? I am truly hooked!

  21. sheila dennis says:

    I just finished the Atlantis grail books. Well done! They were both excellent and I am looking forward to the third book.

  22. Megh F says:

    I just finished the first two books in the Atlantis Grail series-wow!! Do we really have to wait until February? Looking forward to possibly getting to know Aeson.

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories!!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚ Much more Aeson to come, including various personal revelations…

      Yes, February is the release date, because I need at least 6 months to write the book! πŸ™‚ Working on it now!


  23. KV says:

    I just finished the two Atlantis books. I loved them. I was mesmerized by the physics and kept stopping to go off and read Scientific American articles about Quantum Physics and Entanglement! I also enjoyed the character development and the sense of family portrayed in the books.I really cannot wait until the third books comes out! Thanks again, PS I am 62 and love science fiction of all sorts Young adult or old adult! Your stories cross generations!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Quantum entanglement is truly amazing! Thank you so much for your lovely comment and for enjoying the books! πŸ™‚ WIN, book three is coming soon!


  24. Mark says:

    This may sound like a repeat, but I must congratulate you on the Atlantis series. WOW! I normally speed read through books, but after the first two chapters of the book “Qualify” I slowed way down to a crawl. I haven’t read a book that slowly with full attention in years. I got so absorbed into the story that I actually had full pictures in my mind as it were a movie. Thank you so much for that experience. The last time I think I slow read something was “The vampire assistant”. Your style of writing automatically engaged me. That has not happened in a long time. I thank you for that and look forward to Valentine’s day for book 3!

  25. Brandi says:

    I just wanted to thank you so much for writing this story. My 16 year old daughter and I have throughly enjoyed both of the Atlantis Grail books and are eagerly awaiting WIN in February! Your writing is so intense and descriptive, I haven’t enjoyed a book this much in a long time. I was on the edge of my seat , then crying, then laughing. You are a true storyteller! Keep up the good work!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      I really appreciate your lovely comments, thank you! πŸ™‚ So glad that both you and your daughter are reading and enjoying the books!


      • Brandi says:

        Hi Vera,

        My daughter and I were just discussing the Atlantis series and we were wondering if you had planned to do a book with Aeson’s POV?

        • Vera Nazarian says:

          Great question! And the answer is, yes! πŸ™‚

          After WIN and SURVIVE are done, I plan to do a number of shorter “outtake” novellas, such as:

          BLUE: Aeson’s Story
          RED: Logan’s Story
          RED: Xelio’s Story
          YELLOW: Blayne’s Story
          GREEN: George’s Story

          … and others, all from the POVs of those characters.

          If you want to see some lively discussion about the Atlantis Grail Series, (including fun speculation about what’s coming), take a look here on Wattpad in this comments section — plenty of questions and answers:



  26. Ron Hoffman says:

    Vera, My wife and I just finsihed reading Qualify and Compete. Great books. I would like to know when Win will be available? I hope Gwen will save Atlantida and Earth from “they”. Can’t wait for the adventure. Thanks. Ron and Marsha

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much, Ron! It makes me so happy that both you and your wife enjoyed! Please tell her a big thank you from me also! πŸ™‚

      The adventure will continue in WIN, book three, which is coming on February 14, 2016, Valentine’s Day. The good news is, I plan to post an advance preview of several chapters over at Wattpad in December, just in time for the Holidays!

      For more information, please see the official Atlantis Grail website:

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  27. Lori says:

    After reading the first 2 books in the Atalntis Grail series (both books in about 2 weeks!) and reading the above posts, I also wanted to reach out to you. These books are fantastic – and I think that is partly a great story and equally excellent writing. As others have said, your writing is amazing, keeping me completely immersed in the story throughout. I literally had a hard time putting down my kindle to sleep/eat/work. I stumbled onto these books and now (like everyone else here) cannot wait for the next book(s) next year. I will be following closely but also look forward to reading your other works. Also, the “outtake novellas” you mentioned previously sound cool!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful story! Lori

  28. Amy says:

    Just finished reading QUALIFY and COMPETE in a marathon back to back reading session. Can’t believe I have to wait until February for the next installment

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much, Amy! πŸ™‚

      February will be here before you know it, plus I will be posting an advance preview of several chapters over at Wattpad in December, just in time for the Holidays!

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  29. Karen says:

    Hi Vera, I just finished reading book two of the Atlantis Grail series and they are great! I could hardly put them down as they were so entertaining. I can’t wait for Win to be released. Can you give me an idea when it might be released?

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks so much, Karen! πŸ™‚

      WIN, book three, is coming on February 14, 2016, Valentine’s Day. I will also post an advance preview of several chapters over at Wattpad in December, just in time for the Holidays!

      For more information, please see the official Atlantis Grail website:

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  30. Marie says:

    Just finished the Qualify & Compete series. Looking forward to the next two books. Have you considered writing from Pilot Kass point of view. His conversation w/Oalla & Xelio, etc. Really love the books so far. Thank-you.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much, Marie! So glad you like!

      Okay, after the main 4-book series is done, I plan to write several novellas from the POVs of other characters. One will be BLUE: Aeson’s Story. πŸ™‚


  31. Rasika says:

    Hi. I haven’t read anything as compelling as qualify since harry potter. I am a big fan of ya fiction. Thank you. Thank you.

  32. Grace says:

    Vera, I logged onto your web site to find out when “Win” would be released. You answered that questions many times over. I truly enjoyed both of the books in the Atlantis series.
    My question is, is there a way to get a reminder via email when “Win” becomes available in its entirety?
    Please keep up the excellent writing!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks so much, Grace, so glad you liked! πŸ™‚ And yup, to get an email book release notification, that’s what my Mailing List is for.

      The best way to keep up with the Atlantis Grail series news and be notified of what’s happening, is to subscribe to my Mailing List:

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  33. Najette Chouchane says:

    Hi Vera!!!!
    omg so glad I found this website! Last night I finished reading Compete and wow! I can’t wait for Win to come out. I subscribed to your mailing list. I really love Gwen, I can really relate to her and understand what she goes through. I drew Xelio the way I imagine him! well at least tried to hehe I’d love to show it to you πŸ™‚ I want to draw Aeson Kassiopei and Gwen too. I hope you have a wonderful day πŸ˜€
    thank you so much for making my life so happy and amazing!

    Najette Chouchane.

  34. Mandy says:

    So I happened upon Qualify and Compete. Read them both in the past 2 days. In between work and very little sleep. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed them. It’s been forever since a book kept me up all night reading it. I am crying inside because I have to wait for so long for the next 2. Found you on pint rest and started following you. Will look for you on Facebook and Goodreads also. Left you 5 stars for both. Anyway we can get an idea of what’s going to be happening in Win? Anyway, THANK YOU!!! Awesome books and I enjoyed every second of them.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Wow, Mandy, thank you so much! πŸ™‚

      WIN, book three will be here before you know it, and I plan to post an advance preview of several chapters of it over at Wattpad in December, just in time for the Holidays.

      Meanwhile, you might want to subscribe to my Mailing List, to get notified as soon as it’s there:

      Thanks again!


  35. Jessica Landers says:

    I have read both of the Atlantis Grail books and loved them. I have had them for about a month and have read them at least 4 times. I called my mom and told her about them and now she is hooked also. February cant come fast enough. Love love love these books.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Dear Jessica,

      I am absolutely thrilled that both you and your mom are enjoying the Atlantis Grail! THANK YOU! Lovely to hear! πŸ™‚

      I’m writing WIN as we speak, and there will be fun early preview chapters posted on Wattpad in December, so stay tuned! πŸ™‚


  36. Emily says:

    Qualify came up as a book sugestion on my amazon account a couple of days ago and I have since consumed it with gusto as I found it such a good book. The only problem is that it has given me little time to do the other things I need to do like work/sleep etc.

    Any chance the series will be available as an audiobook? That way I can at least ‘try’ and multitask…

    Either way this weekend is a write off as I have compete to read, good job most of my Christmas shoping is done!!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much Emily, what a joy it is to know the Atlantis Grail series is connecting with so many people! πŸ™‚

      At this point there is no audiobook edition, but if there is enough interest, and if my finances permit, I will gladly release it…

      Thanks again! πŸ™‚


  37. Kammera Rice says:

    Wow! That’s all I can say about the Atlantis Grail series. I LOVE sci-fi and I kept thinking this would make an awesome movie. If Hunger Games and Divergent made it to the big screen, these book would blow them away-hands down. Your books are written on such a much bigger scale. It has everything whic makes it so appealing in my opinion. The importance of family, love interests, super cool technology, survival of humanity, and gorgeous “aliens”. What more could you ask for!??? I’m 50 yrs old and while I glossed over some of the teenage angsty stuff, I loved how you made Gwen such a likable teen and I can’t wait for the 3rd book. Ps: I had to slap myself after I realized your 3rd book was called Win. I at first thought I could actually win your new book and was searching for the entry ! Haha

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful note! So glad you are enjoying the books and the characters! πŸ™‚


  38. Gisele Pelletier says:

    Hello Honey;

    I read that you dear mother’s favorite movie was Persuasion…I share this preference with her…a heart warming triumph of love.

    May I use a quote of yours (with your name of course)? “love – not dim and blind…” Currently writing short stories of my own experience of life that I may some day publish……..Thank you GisΓ¨le

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks very much for asking, and yes, you may use my quote with proper attribution (include my name). πŸ™‚


  39. Gisele Pelletier says:

    Thank you honey

  40. MacKenzie says:

    i love these books sooo much. but in win will we know why aeson kasseopi put up that ice cold front? also will i be able to get the whole book of win on my kindle paperwhite on feb. 14? or will it just be the 4 th chapter? also i have tons of friends and i recommended atlantis grail to them. we are all behind you trying to get this made into a motion picture! and funny story, when aeson declared that he needed gwen i screamed out loud “Take that Logan!”. that was in the middle of the night. while i was home. that scream woke up my whole family but it was worth it Vera! πŸ™‚

    ps- i was always suspicious of logan. ive always liked aeson!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Aww, I love your questions about Aeson’s cold front, and you can see a lot of this being discussed in the comments here on Wattpad:

      And here:

      Aeson had to remain cold and aloof for most of Qualify and Compete because as the Imperial Crown Prince he had the duty to marry someone his father approved of, and so for the longest time he could not allow himself to feel, and tried repressing it. But he “went rogue” in the end when he could no longer deny his love to himself and to Gwen.

      And LOL about you screaming and waking the whole family! Oh dear! πŸ˜‰

      • Mackenzie says:

        Omg!!! I hope Gwen and aeson will stay together! And thank you sooooo much for answering my questions Vera! Btw I call them Gweson! I am also writing a book about a girl and her autistic sister,crazy life and everything else so if you have any tips I’m on wattpad my user is girlygirlgracie. Just message me if you have time thank you Vera:)!

        • Vera Nazarian says:

          Enjoy the rest of the story and good luck on your own writing! πŸ™‚ I am swamped and cannot really comment on others’ writing due to professional conflict of interest, but Wattpad is a great place to meet other writers…

          Good luck! πŸ™‚

  41. Trish says:

    Omg omg omg, I LOVE YOUR ATLANTIS GRAIL SERIES. And i just found your website and realized there will be 4 books not just 3…woohoooo. i am really interested in reading how you create Atlantis! Was such a unique plot line! I secretly jumped for joy when i read logan was out. But I was kinda torn between xel and Aeson. πŸ™ but I did have one question about book 2. And if u you deliberately left us wondering well, grre, but no problem. The whole ceremony at the end where Aeson claims her as his Bride… is that there version of a wedding, or is that his version of “proposing?” Seemed kinda dictorial if its a wedding, like Gwen has no say!

  42. Jennifer says:

    Just wanted to tell you how very much I enjoyed reading Qualify and Compete. When I finished the second book I went straight to buy the third , I was soooo excited. Take your time and I know it will be my pleasure to read Win soon. Thanks for your amazing story telling .

  43. Barnaby says:

    Wow! I just read the first few chapters of WIN on WattPad and I am really impressed!

    Can’t wait for the next book and I can’t wait to hear what the Archaeon Imperator has instore for Gwen!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

      • Barnaby says:


        I have a feeling the pegasus will come back, there was some speculation on Wattpad about it! Something is going to happen! And Lady Tiri is probably not going to like it. Will Manala steal it or wil Gwen intervene?


        What is the Imperator going to do? I really,really REALLY want him to be deposed……

  44. Maya Diedrich says:

    I love your series the Atlantis Grail. I have read books 1 and 2. And read all of the downloads of Win so far. But I was wondering when the whole book is coming out. I have checked every day with no luck. Please help thanks LOVE THE BOOKS

  45. Dianne says:

    I’ve read both books and then reread them in anticipation of your third book. I know there can be delays and when “Win” is available I’ll lock myself away so I can read it. Thank you for such an awesome series.

  46. Ikan says:

    re. @ikan75 there’s a difference between a fan and an abusive selfish individual who does not care when the author is suffering a debilitating illness, because apparently it’s all about you. Goodbye.

    You are absolutely right I am a selfish sumbitch thinking only of the pleasure I get from reading your stories.
    I humbly apologize for having offended you as often we do not know how hard it is to walk in someone else’s shoes.
    It is very hard to undo something we did wrong but I hope you do accept my apology.

  47. Briza Dedicatoria says:


    I just wanted to let you know that I’m now a huge fan of your series “The Atlantis Grail”!!! I actually read all three books in one and a half day and I totally can’t wait for the release of the third book. I originally didn’t want to read the third book in wattpad because I was afraid that it would leave me in a cliff hanger but nooooooo…… my fingers were twitching in anticipation on what happened next (after the grand proclamation of Aeson Kass to Gwen Lark!! I totally DID not expect the ending. It was sooooo romantic!!! XD), and so I started reading the preview of book 3. I couldn’t even put my tablet down after reading just the first chapter, and here I am finished with all eighteen chapters!! So anyways, all i wanted to say was how good of a writer you are and hope that you’ll release the third book soon! <3 I literally cannot wait!

    P.S This is officially one of my favorite all – time series!
    P.S Hope you get well soon!
    P.S.S I'm so sorry for the excess of exclamation marks!! (Oh there i go again)

  48. Bethany says:

    I have truly enjoyed your books. I am eagerly waiting for Win to come out.
    I love all of the details that are included. Thank you for engaging my imagination.

    Yours truly,
    Bethany S

  49. Susan says:

    I am by no means a young adult but I started reading my way through the YA section at the Library years ago and have read hundreds of books mostly dystopian. Your series is by far one of the best I have read. I usually like to read completed series as I forget them so glad I started yours as re-reading them if I forget will not be a problem I love them so much. Take care…

  50. Alyson says:

    When is book 3 of the Atlantis series out? I just discovered the series yesterday and spent the day reading it.Addicted. I’m all caught up with the 2 books. Found it on wattpad so of course I had to purchase them. I wanna know what happens…. I hate cliffhangers. Waiting impatiently

  51. Vera Nazarian says:

    Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

    You can read the first half of WIN on Wattpad, and the rest of the book is still being written — I hope to be done by the end of May, but no promises due to my health issues.

    Meanwhile, come and talk about the books with other readers, over on our new TAG fan discussion forum:

    Enjoy! πŸ™‚

  52. Isabel says:

    Hi Vera, I’m a high school student, and I’m making a short film that I want to enter into film festivals. I was wondering if I could use a quote from the perpetual calendar of inspiration in my movie. Would that be ok with you? Thanks.

  53. Dawn says:

    Just finished both books in a 2 day binge OMG!! Now recommending to EVERYONE! Can’t wait for the conclusion of the third! ( Thank you Wattpad!!) To me this was the best dystopian series I’ve read by far, and as a sci-fi nerd that’s quite a lot! I adore the characters and the plot line!! I usually get bored with the second book in a series but not with this, it was my favorite! And I have a feeling the third will be as well. Thank you for writing such brilliant pieces! (I don’t think I included enough exclamation marks in there )

  54. David says:

    Can’t wait to read Win. Have you tried an inversion table. I had the pain in leg and back from compressed disc. Fixed me. No morepain

  55. L Marie says:

    Have been looking for book three. Site says it was our in Feb. 2016. Cannot find it anywhere. Was this a misprint? When will book be available in stores (i.e. Barnes & Noble)?

  56. Louin says:

    I am 13 and I love your Atlantis Grail qualify and compete I can’t wait for the other two plzs be quick I can not wait much longer

  57. Melat Ermyas says:

    The third book of the Atlantis grail keeps saying that it will come out in several weeks. Can you give us a more specific date?

  58. Jerrett says:


    Such wonderful writing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  59. StewK says:

    Just read Qualify and Compete straight through (the characters were that well written) and didn’t see the end coming. But i hope there’s a believable explanation how Gwen goes from high school geek to super hero in a year. That’s become a pretty big pill to swallow.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      How is Gwen a super hero? Despite endless physical training she is still barely above average in Combat, cannot run very well, and the only thing she has going for her is her smarts, her voice, and her tendency to open her mouth and speak out. She’s just a nerd girl placed in impossible circumstances slowly gaining confidence in herself. What’s hard to swallow? Tough circumstances change *all* of us.

  60. Dave Turck says:

    Hey Vera, Hope you are feeling better. Thanks for posting draft of WIN. Looking forward to its release, but take your time and do a good job like you have with the earlier books.

    Suggestion for final book: Maybe the aliens have a point; for all the technological advancements of both Earth and Atlantis, they have retained some very barbaric customs and there is much inequity across the population: Aeson and Gwen see this, make changes, and the aliens back quit throwing stones.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you, so glad you like! And as far as what happens, all I can say is, keep reading the books! πŸ™‚

  61. Samara says:

    Hi Vera, I hope You’re doing ok. I’m a huge fan of your Atlantis Grail series, and I can’t wait for the next book to be released!

    I was wondering, is there a link somewhere to your favorite reads? In a FAQ, or on Goodreads? Since your books are so amazing, I’m sure you have some awesome recommendations (which, of course, I’ll throw down as soon as Win is released, lol).

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks for asking. I love all kinds of books and genres, and I’m a huge fan of Tanith Lee’s work, such as The Birthgrave (mentioned in Qualify as one of the book that Gwen rescued).

      You can see this interview to see some of my favorite reads:

      I have no idea what genres you like, so… πŸ™‚


  62. Susan says:

    I have to say at first I did not think I was going to be able to get through the first book I will admit to skipping a page or two because yes I did get a little bored but after about the 5th or 6th chapter I could not stop reading every single page.So.. as soon as I got to the end of the book I immediately bought Book 2 of the Atlantis Grail series, am trying to be patient. Finding good books is not easy….there’s so much “junk” out there. Get well, will be one of the first in line for “WIN”…

  63. Cindy says:

    Vera, I’ve been hooked on the Atlantis Grail series as you have a wonderful way of conveying details to the reader. I’m waiting patiently for the rest of book 3. I hope you are well soon and can return to writing as you are a fabulous writer. Can’t wait for the text that you are back and feeling great. Take care of yourself.

  64. Sara Gibson says:

    I’m hooked! Line and sinker! Read both books in record time. Could not put them down. Way to end book 2 with that cliff hanger. Can’t wait for book 3 WIN! It was a fast pace read cover to cover.

  65. Michael says:

    I was just checking up on your progress with book 3 when I realized that we can read the first 26 chapters!!!!! Where have I been!!!! Can’t wait, thank you so much. Just actually got finished with Dragonian and Temeraire series which are amazing also, thank you so much!

  66. Steve Savage says:

    Dear Vera,

    I hope your health is stable or better yet, improving. I know so well the challenges we face when our body bbegins to fail us. I had quintuple-bi-pass surgery recently and have had to stop working due to all the post operative conditions. It is so difficult coming to the realization that you can’t do what you used to do. I pray your loyal following will be patient while you manage through your health issues.

    BTW – I am a huge admirer of the ATG series and patiently await Win’s completion.



    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks so much, Steve, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. WIN is coming along, slower than I would like, but still moving along. πŸ™‚


  67. Leslie Duncan says:

    I have so enjoyed your Atlantis Grail series. was especially thrilled that Win was originally due on my birthday! am so hoping your health is getting better. and I keep checking your website for the release! so yes, faithful fans are still hanging in there for you! oh, and I’m a 68 year old female, so your stories should be labeled young adults and young at heart! LOL


    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks so much, Leslie, I really appreciate your lovely comments and your patience. πŸ™‚ Working on WIN as fast as I can.


  68. Tammy says:

    Oh WOW! I just read the first 26 chapters of Win and am hooked once again. Cannot wait to read the finished book. Sending you hugs to get better and thankyou for continuing to work even with your health. Lots of love from Australia x

  69. Constance Verhulst says:

    Hello from the Netherlands .
    I love your books.
    Are you going to write a book what will tell the story of the people that where leeft behind on earth.
    I would love to know about what happened with the family of Gwen and if they are also been taken in to orbit when they learn about Gwen.
    Sorry for the bad english .

    Greetings Constance and a very merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much, Constance, so glad you like the books! Some of this will be revealed in the rest of the books, and yes there will be additional novellas written that will explore this and other details that may not be handled in-depth in the main books.

      Copying from the official website ( ):

      Since many of you have asked…

      The basic series that tells the main story of The Atlantis Grail from beginning to end is:

      QUALIFY: The Atlantis Grail, Book One
      COMPETE: The Atlantis Grail, Book Two
      WIN: The Atlantis Grail, Book Three
      SURVIVE: The Atlantis Grail, Book Four

      After this is done, I plan to write several novellas that explore various parts of the storyline more in-depth, from the POVs of various characters, including Aeson’s POV:

      So far I have the following novellas definitely planned:

      BLUE: Aeson’s Story
      BLACK: Aeson’s Story
      RED: Logan’s Story
      RED: Xelio’s Story
      YELLOW: Blayne’s Story
      GREEN: George’s Story
      RED: Anu’s Story

      There may be more… including outtakes such as:


      Note: all of these will be released only after the main 4 books of The Atlantis Grail are released.

      So, start expecting the novellas after the release of SURVIVE.

      As far as paper print editions, there may be a novella bundle edition in hardcover and paperback, just like the main series books.

  70. Patsy Young says:

    Just discovered your Atlantis series – WOW! Could not put them down and can barely wait for the next two in the series! This will be the first time I’ve ever commented on any books I’ve read – and I read way too much according to most of my friends and family. Anyway – wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed these books. Hope you and your family have had a wonderful holiday!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Loved your Atlantis series, can’t wait for your next book. Your writing is amazing.

  72. Ron Hoffman says:

    Vera, I have been patiently waiting for the next book in the Atlantis Grail series, “Win” and then “Survive”. I hope the New Year brings you good health, and the inspiration to continue your writing on the Atlantis Grail series. Please hurry! I wait in anticipation to begin the further adventures of Gwen Lark and Aeson Kassiopei.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks, still writing WIN! πŸ™‚ It’s very long…

      From the TAG fan forum FAQ:

      How long is each of the four books (novels) in the TAG series?


      QUALIFY = 210,100 words, 54 chapters, 600 print pages

      COMPETE = 176,000 words, 49 chapters, 530 print pages

      WIN = 195,353 words, 51 chapters, as of 1-2-2017, and counting, since I am still writing it! πŸ™‚

      SURVIVE = stay tuned…

      I expect WIN will be longer than QUALIFY, and at least 60-70 chapters if not longer. Is this a firm estimate? Of course not, I honestly have no idea. The best answer I can give you is that the story takes however long it needs to be written, be it another 10 or 30 chapters.

      For latest news and updates, see here:

  73. Dianne says:

    Have a great year. I hope your health is better. Wishing you the best. Loved the first two books, looking forward to the next book.

  74. Sophie says:

    Really looking forward to WIN as I`ve loved the first 2 books. Seriously, when George couldn’t qualify and they sang that song, I cried. Why’d you have to rip out my heart like that!! Hope you’re doing well and all medical issues turn out just fine (I’m sure they will)

  75. Sophia Model says:

    From page 1 of Qualify, I fell in love with this book. This amazing world that you have created is amazing beyond words. I read the first two books in less than a week. Now I am reading the preview on wattpad and it’s just so amazing! What I find really cool about your books is how easy they are to read. Unlike the shorter books we read in school, I can read on of yours in just a day because I am so entertained! Another thing that I really like is your background. Like you, my parents were Soviet immigrants and I speak Russian fluently. I love when you mention other languages especially Russian because I actually understand the foreign words. I know you also include other languages as well, but I find being to relate to one especially cool πŸ™‚ This is such a cool and interesting story and I’m so happy my sister told me to read this.

  76. Gloria Conrad says:

    I hope your finished books of WIN and SURVIVE will be available to download on E-Books. I an unable to read small print anymore so have to avoid buying regular books. I have macular degeneration and have to magnify everything I read. That is how I have been able to enjoy all of your other works. Keep writing. You are so very talented.

  77. Sania says:

    What an author you are!
    Your works are breath taking!
    Plz,publish ‘Win’ ASAP.I’ve read it till chp-33 on wattpad But I’m desperate to read further.
    PS- You are the best teen author.

  78. Fausga says:

    Your writing is awesome. The Atlantis series is amazing! =)

  79. Graham says:

    Well Vera, here’s a 52 year old British guy that (for whatever reason) liked the look of “Qualify” so downloaded it. NOT the type of book I normally read at all! Soooooo glad I did though. I thoroughly enjoyed both “Qualify” and then “Compete” (couldn’t put either of them down!) and now can’t wait for you to finish “Win”. Brilliant storyline and brilliant characters Vera, your writing is fantastic. Keep up the great work, I’ve now found my new favourite author!
    Kind regards and very best wishes, Graham.

  80. Adam Kenner says:

    you said something that I am going to use in a speech for KUNA (Kentucky United Nations Assembly) and I was wondering If you have anything to add to it here is the quote
    “A woman is human.

    She is not better, wiser, stronger, more intelligent, more creative, or more responsible than a man.

    Likewise, she is never less.

    Equality is a given.

    A woman is human.”

  81. Mia says:

    I am in love with your books. They are incrediblely amazing and I can’t wait to read the third book when it comes out.

  82. Deborah Balotin says:

    Absolutely loved Qualify (I looked at it on Bookbub and it was free. I almost skipped it) I am so happy I did get it. Need I say that Compete was just as great and I’m not very patiently waiting for Win. So hope you are feeling better. No one deserves pain. My husband was in pain and gave up.

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, so glad you enjoyed the books!

      I am still working on WIN, book three, hoping to be done with it soon. The book was delayed due to my medical issues, plus it’s turning out to be huge, already much longer than any of my other books (see my writing progress on the TAG website and on Facebook).

      Meanwhile, you can read the first 33 chapters of WIN (free advance preview) right now on Wattpad:

  83. Mayonnaise says:

    I love your books and I hope you feel better πŸ™‚

  84. GuardMom14 says:

    I tried Qualify since it was free on Amazon, and sounded neat. Read it in one day. Bought Compete and finished it the same day as well! Then went searching for the next book, and found the beginning of Win. Eagerly waiting for the finish and thrilled to see there will be a book 4!

  85. Philip Hardy says:

    Please just add my name to the list of people who can’t wait for the rest of the Atlantis series, and that from someone who doesn’t really ‘do’ science fiction, because I’m so science based that most of the time I can’t get into the stories, but I sure got into yours.
    Sorry to hear about your illness and hope you are fully recovered. I am a retired physician after 42 years worth, and still read medicine every day, I still want to know more. So, if there is anything I can do to be of assistance, you need only to ask.

  86. Khris Latham says:

    So looking forward to reading the new book in the Atlantis series! The first 2 were such wonderful reads I just couldn’t put the hem down!

  87. Deanna Brown says:

    I am so excited. I just purchased Win! I am so waiting for work to end and curl up with this book. Thank you for sharing your writing.

  88. Lupe C says:

    Wow, just wow. WIN was awesome. I didn’t want it to end. But now I’m sad and oh so very excited for the release of Book 4. I hope your health has improved and I hate to rush your amazing creativity (Yellow Quadrant) but I am on pins and needles waiting for the next installment. Thank you again for an amazing experience. I will most definitely be checking periodically for it’s release date.

    Please keep writing.

  89. A Page says:

    Another 5 star plus novel! Please don’t make us wait two years!

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thank you. πŸ™‚ Considering my poor health and chronic pain that does not allow me to sit upright in a chair for more than a few minutes, and the fact that WIN was a monumental, huge volume close to 1,000 pages in length, waiting only 1.5 years (NOT 2) for it is a very good deal.

  90. Amanda Goulding says:

    I tore through the fist two and devoured “WIN”, each page and excitement grew as I turned to the next. Read in one sitting…. So now big question how long do we need to wait for “Survive”?

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      Thanks! Aiming to have it done by the end of 2018 or early 2019.

      • Desi Goldsmith says:

        I am so happy to hear that SURVIVE will be coming at
        The end of the year!
        I totally understand chronic pain and it’s effect on our body.
        I have Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis and Interstitial Cystitis.
        I also have my mama in my home and care for her. One day
        At a time. Take it easy!


  91. Ima Arndt says:

    Loved the second half of WIN – the games. Well thought out obstacles and the characters in the games were just wow. But I didn’t really like the first half of the book. I found that part very slow. Having said that, the book was great. Looking forward to the next one. Thanks

  92. Nancy Murray says:

    Hello Vera, I am thoroughly enjoying your books but I have a stumbling area that I hoped you’d clarify. In Chapter 63, Kateb tells a story about an invention. There he says, “People from everywhere came to touch the device – and were inspired to create problems (?), solve all masterpieces (?), heal the hungry (?) and feed the sick(?).” Is this truly what you meant to say?? Seems a little backward to me.

    Also I hoped you could tell me, Something that Hedj Kukkait said, and the way he said it, to Gwen… is Aeson’s Mother a part of the Rim and did she ask him to protect Gwen?

    • Vera Nazarian says:

      “The Invention” is intended to be that way, all the comparisons are backward intentionally (feed the sick, heal the poor, etc), it’s called Artistic Whimsy.

      As for your questions, please ask all of them over at the TAG Fan Discussion Forum:


  93. Rushie says:

    Nice to see how my comment about how your books helped me overcome my depression has been removed. Guess you don’t need the sort of dark stuff that goes on inside a 16y/o’s mind tarnishing the perfectly positive blog you have going on.
    Thank you, Vera.

  94. Bill says:

    I was reading the comments about turning the series into movies. It is my opinion after reading the books several times that traditional type movie making will do them an injustice. I would hate to see them as a syfy channel reject cgi like sharknato. I would suggest 3d animation close to the Final Fantasy movies. That way everything you envisioned as well as the readers will have realistic look with no limitations to what can be done. Plus no actors to worry about. Just my opinion. Anyway, way to tell a story. Looking forward to Survive.

  95. Nancy D. says:

    I first fell in love with your books with the Cobweb Bride series. Now you have me blown away with the Atlantis Grail series. Just take care of yourself because I want to read Survive! ( I know, I have to survive until then. LOL )

  96. Barbara says:

    I just want to say I love the Atlantis Grail books! They are well written and I thank you for writing them! Can’t wait to see what happens in the next one!

  97. Tania Saunders says:


    When will the last book of the Atlantis Grail be published?

  98. Lupe C says:

    Hello Vera, First I would like to say, I hope your health is not bothering you. I see that you have started Survive and you completed chapter 1. I am giddy with excitement, however, I remember you mentioned that you would possibly have a couple of chapters posted for Christmas. So I’m bummed out about that but oh well at least you’ve got the creative juices flowing and you’ll be done with Survive sooner rather than later (fingers crossed). I loved your books so much that I order hardback copies and I’m trying to convince my husband to let me display them like my Harry Potter books. I tell everyone I know how amazing your books are and tell them they need to read them for themselves. Again, thank you for this amazing adventure, looking forward to finding out what happens.

  99. Amy Smith says:

    Absolutely loved the Atlantis Grail Triiogy so much. Couldn’t put Win down. Love your work Vera. I can’t wait for survive now

  100. Sue says:

    Thank you so much for the new chapters. I really appreciate you doing it.

  101. catherine ayala says:

    i can’t wait till the 4th Atlantis Grail book comes out. i’m so excited. you’re a really great author. hope it comes out soon.

    p.s. i’m a really big fan

  102. Ellen Ridings says:

    I can’t remember how I found your books for the Atlantis Grail Trilogy and I never would have thought of reading that genre, but somehow I found your first book in the series and fell in love. I love the characters, the experiences, the sci-fi feel, and your writing is really awesome! Thank you for writing and sharing your stories. I secretly hope the story arc continues past the 4th book because I am not sure where to go once it’s all done. I don’t want to leave that universe!

  103. Virginia Phillips says:

    Thoroughly enjoyable trilogy! Will the 4th installment be available soon? I recommended this to my sister and she loved it also!

  104. Holly says:

    Hi Vera,

    I absolutely adore your series Atlantis Grail!! I was wondering if there will be a film coming out at some point? If so I would LOVE to be a part of it! I’m a 14 year old girl from the UK which could be an issue but age wise I will be older by the time it all happens, and I can do a decent American accent haha. I don’t know but I would love so much to help in whatever way!

    Thankyou so much,
    Holly πŸ™‚

  105. Scott says:

    Good evening. I have just finished reading your Atlantis grail trilogy. Looking forward to the next book you have coming out. Question – do you see yourself as Gwen?


    I love the Atlantis Grail Games series. I read books 1-3 twice which is not something that I do. I do have one problem I’m having a problem imaging Aesom because I haven’t seen anyone with gold hair. I am eagerly awaiting book 4.

    Thuracial Fields

  107. Maggie says:

    I have just read – in 2 days – the first 3 Atlantis Grail books and eagerly await the next chapter in this spellbinding series. 100% more compelling than The Hunger Games!

  108. H.William Ruback says:

    Hello Vera,
    I was searching for the perfect quote to start the second book in my adult fantasy series.(Which may or may not ever see the light of day) I think a slightly edited version of one of yours would be perfect, if you would be so gracious to allow it.
    “All stories have a curious and even dangerous power. They are manifestations of the truth…
    And the truth is all at once the most wonderful yet terrifying thin in the world…”
    Please let me know your thoughts.

  109. mel says:

    so the fourth of the book of the atlantis grail series just came out in apple ibooks. it’s says that it’s unavailable in my country, australia. will it be available there anytime soon?

  110. Sarah says:

    When will survive be available in Australia please? I’ve looked everywhere to purchase the EPUB and I’m unable to find as they all say it’s unavailable in my region. I marked its release date because I can’t wait to read it. πŸ™‚
    Many thanks

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