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  1. Veronica says:

    WIN was supposed to come out months ago oh im in real agony without the last two books. It sounds dramatic but its true. The first books were to die for thank you so much for writing them.

  2. Autumn Wilson says:

    Hi Vera
    A few days ago, I was also laid on the sofa in agony with my sciatica, and i accidently came across your first book, and i was engrossed, it took the edge of the pain (and the medication!) I’m a book worm through and through, there is nothing I live more then losing myself I love more then losing reality and go into a book, however, due to my mental health, i don’t outwardly show emotion with what I read, but with yours, I laughed I cried, i felt what Gwen felt. Thank you so much and I am waiting anxiouty for the new books.
    Kind regards
    Autumn Wilson

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