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Surfing the Desert and the Ocean with GoPro!

Written By: Vera Nazarian - Mar• 08•17

A few months ago, GoPro Video asked to use my various quotes as narration in their latest action video production, and I said yes.

Now, I’m thrilled to be finally able to share this awesome project with you!

The title is “GoPro Surf: Inside the Legendary Barrels of Namibia” starring amazing pro surfers Alex Smith, Koa Smith, Koa Rothman, Bianca Buitendag, Benji Brand, and Anthony Walsh, surfing both ocean and desert. My quote narration appears as layered text throughout the video. Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. Kerry V says:

    Beautiful video, and the quotes fit so well. What an honor, Vera. You must have a fan in the GoPro group or the videographers – that would not be at all surprising! Numerous sources say the quote is from the Perpetual Calendar of Inspiration, but I wondered if it was pulled from one of your books and put on the calendar, and if so which one?

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