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MOTHER My Mother came up as rosy buds On the branches of the tree Right outside my bedroom window. Her ashes buried in the Fall Lay dormant under the snow of Winter And now the tree has woken And taken her in, with the help of the Spring rains. She is flowing with sweet sap […]

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Zinaida Petrovna Nazarian, 8/19/1932 – 2/3/2015 (Obituary)

Zinaida Petrovna Nazarian, August 19, 1932 – February 3, 2015 My beloved mother, kind, generous, warmhearted, long-suffering, enduring, brave, the gentlest, light-filled soul you may ever know, died at the age of 82, under hospice care at home in Vermont at 10:22 PM at night on Tuesday (2/3/15) after two difficult months of what we […]

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